Musée national suisse
Château de Prangins


The Swiss National Museum – Château de Prangins
celebrates its 10th anniversary
Saturday, October 4th, 2008, from 3 pm to 11:30 pm




10 year anniversary

Celebrate the 10th anniversary
2008 marks the 10th anniversary of the Swiss National Museum at Prangins Castle. Some 30 temporary exhibitions, numerous events and an exceptional selection of activities have already enthused a half million visitors.

This important anniversary is placed under the theme of "Lights", in honour of the luminous century which saw the founding of the Prangins Castle and in tribute to the permanent exhibition dedicated to life in Switzerland between 1730 and 1920.

The festivities begin at 3 pm on October 4th with a variety of activities designed for children and for adults, both inside and outside the castle (guided tours, highlights of the permanent collection, workshops and magic lanterns, tours of the garden, etc.) The temporary exhibition, «A la vôtre ! Zum Wohl ! Salute ! Petites histoires de la boisson en Suisse» is also open to the visiting public.

Le Jardin des Lumières a social sculpture
orchestrated by Muma

The day's festivities continue at 6:30 pm until 11:30 pm when 500 volunteers light 60 000 candles throughout the garden, an exceptional event not to be missed!

As of 6:30 pm, the illumination of the grounds will be the centre of interest. The implication of 500 volunteers and 60 000 glowing candles will reveal the basic structure of the kitchen garden, its rigorous geometry and the splendour of “Le Jardin des Lumières” in a unique interactive gesture. Invited and coached by Muma, the Catalan artist local to Switzerland for the last 20 years, groups of volunteers will take possession of the park and kitchen garden. For a few precious hours, the site will be transformed via their participation, creating a light filled event with a poetic glow and festive flame.

In association with the Village Festival of Prangins.


A social sculpture

Showcase "Lights" by an act of paradox, this is the artistic goal we ambition, aided by the inhabitants of Prangins and friends of the museum. The process will last some months, the time necessary to enlist and coach the 500 pairs of hands required to light the 60 000 candles in the kitchen gardens and park of the Chateau de Prangins.

The spirit of "Lights", for its fight against obscurity and against the imposition of power, by its scientific and experimental rationalism, by its faith in the progress and improvement of the human situation and by its cosmopolitan curiosity, helps us to construct a human and democratic present tense. This evolution is possible with a clear definition of civic responsibility. By this, understand a space allowing political debate and associative activities.

Within the context of "Lights", the kitchen garden has been the subject of a "feverish botanical activity"; the place where one "verified knowledge acquired from books"; where nature took on a cultural aspect; a place where one could evoke the "moral multiplication of wealth".

As the garden and park of the Château of Prangins are keepers of this illustrious past, the project “Le Jardin des Lumières” was conceived, illuminating these privileged places, not with spotlights and projectors but with thousands of candles, positioned and lit by those living in Prangins. In so doing, by the glow of their enchanting flickering light, we wish to reveal the profound structure of the garden, its rigorous geometry and at the same time hope that “Le Jardin des Lumières” becomes apparent in all its splendour.



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